Publications and Companies



Since January 2017, I have been working as a frequent contributor for POPSUGAR, a website with over 300-million visitors each month. This work has required me to pitch and write informative, timely, and engaging articles that apply to a diverse readership. Working under tight deadlines, I pride myself on quickly submitting trending and clean posts. I have developed a unique voice to build creative content that goes viral, and I’m not afraid to take a firm stance when necessary and can explain my opinions. Here I have written for practically every department, including beauty, fashion, home goods, fitness, entertainment, and parenting. Additionally, during my time at POPSUGAR, I have conducted numerous phone interviews with doctors, celebrities, and experts to create a balanced and informed article.


Lothamer Group

Through all of 2019 and into 2020, I worked as the marketing director for top real estate team Lothamer Group. Responsible for all areas of social networking, communication, branding, micro and macro marketing, as well as video production, advertisements, event planning, and client communication, here I used a holistic approach to company and individual development. Doubling our social media presence, increasing important brand partnerships, and creative problem solving was of utmost importance in this fast-moving role.

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Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide

I have been working as a contract copywriter for Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide and Sophisticate’s Black Hair. Here, I write a variety of articles, from basic how-to spreads to in-depth explanations of complicated hair processes. I interview experts, communicate with a strong team of collaborators, and use research to fuel current and engaging messaging. I am also responsible for web updates, sourcing Instagram posts, and creating company newsletters for subscribers. These experiences further prove a commitment to tight deadlines, quality communication, and a fervent understanding of social media.


Cline Cellars

From 2008-2010, I worked in the marketing and wine-club departments for Cline Cellars, one of the most popular wineries in beautiful Sonoma County. I wrote direct-to-consumer email messaging, newsletters, wine labels, and helped develop their social media presence.